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Review: Temsecal Telegraph by The Corner Laughers

Saturday, September 12, 2020 11:13 AM

Temsecal Telegraph is the latest album from the Corner Laughers, an SF Bay Area group that’s been around for at least a decade if not longer. Fronted by main vocalist/songwriter Karla Kane, the Laughers’ album is a perfect summer listen (hurry only a couple of weeks left!), with both Power Pop-ish and jazzy Dream Psych elements, incorporating the Laughers’ signature secret weapon, the ukulele (note to skeptics: it works!). I found the clean, jangly guitars, catchy hooks and lovely harmonies lifted my mood (who couldn’t use that right now), and on the bouncier tunes, set my toes a-tappin’.

I give Temsecal Telegraph ****/5 stars (thanks to Shindig! magazine for their review putting this great band on my radar)