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The Negligent Genocide of Donald Trump

Thursday, September 10, 2020 9:36 AM

According to reporting by the Washington Post, sourced to taped conversations between Donald Trump and Bob Woodward, Trump was aware of how deadly the COVID virus was on February 7, and admitted downplaying the seriousness of the risks to Americans on March 19. It is estimated that 70% of US COVID deaths could have been prevented by more aggressive, coordinated and decisive action. Trump’s intentional deception of the American public and six week delay of launching the US response resulted in tens of thousands of needless deaths. With a current death rate of 1000/day, that means that up to 700 Americans per day would still be alive.

The question now is, after implementing a coherent government response to COVID, what is President Biden going to do about Trump’s negligent genocide? (hint: Independent Prosecutor).

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