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Jim Crow Joe confirms White Supremacy is Bipartisan, and sets in motion the end of American Democracy

Sunday, June 6, 2021 12:22 PM

Senator Joe Manchin (Asshole-WV), in an op-ed column today, stated that he will vote against Senate Bill 1, the For The People voting rights act, and will not vote to eliminate or modify the filibuster rule in any way to permit its passage. In doing so, Manchin acheived the bipartisanship he so strongly desires, but not perhaps in the form he hoped for- he has established that White Supremacy in America is truly bipartisan.

Manchin’s decision, unless political protests and punishments change his mind, will trigger a catastrophic domino effect on American Democracy, including the following:

  • Without Senate Bill 1 to stop the Jim Crow 2.0 laws being passed in numerous states, Democrats are almost certain to lose their majorities in both the House (gerrymandering alone is predicted to flip the 5-6 seats needed for the GOP to regain the majority), and the Senate (where GA Senator Warnock could win re-election, but be denied his seat by the state legislature). Because of gerrymandering and the new voter suppression laws, Democrats could be in the minority for a decade or longer.
  • Joe Biden’s legislative agenda, including voting rights, the jobs/infrastructure bill, and environmental protections, is dead in the water
  • When the Republicans take the majority in both houses of congress in 2022, they will 1) kill the filibuster to ram through their own agenda, and 2)impeach Joe Biden and VP Harris (although they won’t get enough votes in the Senate to remove them, they want to damage their chances for election/re-election)
  • Unless he is dead or in jail, the GOP will install Donald Trump as president in 2024, regardless of the will of the voters. If Trump is “unavailable”, whoever is the GOP candidate will be installed.

Traditional comfort zone paradigms of “we will work really, really hard, get out the vote, and win with our better candidates and ideas” no longer apply when state legislatures have given themselves the power to overturn election results. The perpetuation of the “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from Trump is laying the groundwork for 2022 and 2024.

The fight is NOW, in the streets, especially of WV and AZ. If we can’t change Manchin and Sinema’s minds, at least we can make their lives miserable. They shouldn’t be able to go to a restaurant without being confronted on their obstruction. Billlboards should cover their states, and the airwaves should be filled with ads denouncing their enabling of the resurrection of Jim Crow 2.0. Biden and Harris should hold town halls in these states to show how Manchin and Sinema are obstructing jobs, recovery and free and fair elections. Their senate careers must end in 2024.

The wise folks at Crooked Media (run by former Obama staffers) put it succinctly:

“HR1, or we’re fucked"