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Top 10 Power Pop Albums of All Time

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 11:50 AM

Sure there’s lots of wonderful Power Pop songs you can make a mixtape out of, but do you ever long for a full album of Power Pop goodness by a group/artist? Here you go- you’re welcome.

  1. Big Star - #1 Record/Radio City (tie) Without Big Star, we wouldn’t even be having a conversation about Power Pop.
  2. Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
  3. Myracle Brah - Life On Planet Eartsnop 
  4. The Red Button - She’s About To Cross My Mind
  5. Marshall Crenshaw - s/t
  6. The Wigs - File Under: Pop Vocal
  7. Smithereens - Especially For You
  8. The Like - Release Me  (it was a tremendous musical tragedy that The Like broke up after a brief tour to support this great album)
  9. Mark & The Spies - s/t
  10. The Beat (Paul Collins’ Beat) - s/t

Honorable Mention:

What are your favourite Power Pop albums? Let us know in the comments below.