Music I Like

Bryan Barrow -

Out Of My Mind

Bryan's album was 18 years in the making; it's a blend of Jangly Power Pop and acoustic Roots and Folks styles, featuring both original and covers of classic Sixties tunes.

Fear of Bridges -

There From Here

A few years back, my musical mentor and his bandmates put out this album, a genre-defying collection of deeply personal,  introspective tunes.

From the back cover:

"Fourteen tales of merriment in which our protagonist battles...Bridges, Bees, Family, Fright, Lust, Redemption, Darkness, Faith, Sex, Hope, Despair, Loss, Infidelity, Drugs, Shame, Death, Doubt, God, Satan...and the wonder of it all".


Fiendish Thingy

Nonchalant Bon Vivant

Knudson & Connaughton - Professional Men Of Music

My former bandmate Caden Knudson is in a duo with Aaron Connaughton, and together they are Knudson & Connaughton.

If you like Pokey LaFarge, OCMS, Stan Rogers, Taj Mahal, you'll like these "Professional Men of Music".

LJ's All Star Revue-

I Have Something To Say

Looking for an album that combines Jazz, Rock, Latin, Country, and more?

I Have Something To Say is just the ticket! It's the perfect Sunday Morning album (or Tuesday afternoon, or whenever you like listening to good music).  A collection of original songs by Larry Silviera, who has assembled some of the best musicians and vocalists in the SF Bay Area (...he also invited me to play bass on one track).

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Unusual Sons -

What We Leave Behind

For over 30 years, I've been a follower, admirer, and occasional participant in the musical career of Jeff Meduri. Jeff is back, in a duo with his nephew Jason as the Unusual Sons. Their album, What We Leave Behind, may be his masterpiece. The album's theme is the mental health of today's youth, with an emotional intensity and honesty from Jeff, including his rawest vocals ever, that are  bound to affect the listener. With flavours of U2, Foo Fighters, and Jeff's beloved Big Star, make no mistake- this album is pure Meduri.