Out Of My Mind...and into the sixties

An album by Bryan Barrow

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Out Of My Mind...The Songs

1. Out Of My Mind (Young)- The title track to the album, started in 2006, finished in 2016, on a barely functioning Pro-Tools system. A cover of a lesser known Buffalo Springfield song, but one of my favorites. That's a Gretsch Tennessean with a Leslie rotary speaker effect on the solo and throughout.

2. Nowhere Fast (Barrow)- Power Pop meets Motown! One of the Dancier tunes on the album. It sounds like a break up song, but is actually about being in a job that's just not working out.

3. Lay Down Your Weary Tune (Dylan)- A Dylan tune I discovered on the Biograph set; one of my favorites.

4. Me & Magdalena (Gibbard)- The Monkees recorded this song for their 50th anniversary album, Good Times. I fell in love with it, and just had to include my version on the album.

5. Magic Christian (Barrow)- Disguised as a breakup song, but it's really about someone leaving a band to join another band...filled with puns and in-jokes for those who were there. Maybe I'll tell the whole story someday...

6. Theme From An Existential Crisis (Barrow)- An instrumental, perhaps from a long lost soundtrack of a film noir, or maybe a spy movie?

7. Flim Flam Man (Barrow)- Yes, it's a Presidential Parody about Donnie Two Scoops.

8. Favorite Waste Of Time (Crenshaw)- One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite Power Pop artists. I tried to give a bit of a different beat from the steady 4/4 of the original.

9. Girl Don't Tell Me (Wilson)-  The oldest recording on the album, dating from 1999. One of the few Beach Boys tunes that didn't have soaring falsetto parts, making it possible for me to sing.

10. I Can't Surf (Barrow)- Another instrumental, using my old Rickenbacker 610; wish I still had it.

11. Do You Think You're Foolin' Me? (Barrow)-  The first song with original lyrics I ever recorded, this was an open letter to one GWB.

12. A Hard Day's Night (Lennon-McCartney)- Six string banjo, with manditar and harmonica combine to make an offbeat take on this Beatles classic.

13. La La La Lies (Townsend)- At this point in listening to the album, you will surely have realized that the sound of a Rickenbacker 12 string guitar is one my favorite sounds in the universe. Jangle On!

14. Snoozin' & Losin' (Barrow)- If Cole Porter and George Gershwin had an illegitimate son who played hookey from his music lessons, he might have written this song.

15. Wah Wah (Harrison)- I recorded this cover shortly after George Harrison's passing, using the original arrangement from the acoustic demos George recorded prior to the All Things Must Pass sessions. I tried to emulate the discordant horn section on the released version, using vocal harmonies.